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Building interiors that inspire. We are a medium-sized, owner-managed company with more than 700 employees across a total of twelve locations. Our clients value quality, and as leading specialists in high-end interior fit-outs we bring their exciting visions to life. All over the world. With our hearts and minds. Since 1964.

baierl + demmelhuber is a company that does more than put its heart and mind into the creation of interior spaces. We build our employees’ careers with the same attention to personal detail and passion. You decide whether you want to become an expert in complex major dry wall projects, store furnishings and fixtures or turn-key-ready complete build-outs – all based on your specific qualifications, talents, interests and skills.

Careers in the World of International Interior Design

Project Manager + Team Leader + (Interior) Architects

Everything from a single source – you

If you are a graduate holding the degree of certified interior designer, construction engineer, architect or any equivalent degree or if you have completed an apprenticeship as a construction/build-out or wood technician and have well-founded professional experience, this position offers you the perfect opportunity to hone your project management skills at B+D.

Your scope of responsibilities

  • Autonomous handling of interior design projects in Germany and abroad
  • Professional management, organization and coordination of the project team
  • Monitoring, coordination, quality assurance and billing of sub-contractor works
  • Complete project management, including budget, quality and deadline compliance
  • Goal-oriented communicative interaction with customers, architects, planning process participants and sub-contractors
  • As a team leader, you will also functionally and organizationally manage a designated in-house project implementation team.

Junior Project Manager + Project Tech

Begin your career as the Project Manager’s second right and left hand

Upon completion of your specialized technical studies or qualified skilled trades apprenticeship with a master’s certificate or official accreditation as a technician, this position is the perfect B+D KarriereRaum platform to elevate your professional level with potential career advancement after completing the respective on-the-job-training period.

Your scope of responsibilities

  • ƒƒProvision of administrative and technical support to the project manager
  • ƒƒOrder processing, scheduling, sub-contractor management, monitoring, coordination
  • ƒƒMeasurement taking and billing
  • ƒƒPurchasing of materials, procurement of samples, selection of materials in coordination with builders and sub-contractors
  • ƒƒMeasurement taking and technical drawings as needed for project work planning purposes
  • ƒƒCoordination of individual works and third party service providers over the progression of the project
  • ƒƒAutonomous handling of sub-projects in coordination with the project management

Estimator + Project Buyer

Set prices - negotiate prices

The world our estimators work in revolves around facts, figures and numbers. Your ultimate tools:  specifications and functional building descriptions. They are completely dedicated to the negotiation of the best possible prices. Is this level of enthusiasm the driver behind your success? As a B+D estimator, you will also work hand-in-hand with our project buyers since B+D does not actually handle all works in-house. When we don’t, finding the optimum partners is key. Based on an existing network we have developed over the many years we have been a part of this industry, you will be tasked with finding the ideal service provider for each project, which will begin with the initial research, continue with the project assignment negotiations and end with the closing of the contract.

Your scope of responsibilities as an estimator

  • ƒƒCosting based on specifications and functional building descriptions
  • ƒƒCoordination between the project prospecting – costing – project management interfaces
  • ƒƒTechnical and administrative review of quotations / bids
  • ƒƒCompilation of individual costing schedules and price overviews
  • ƒƒPricing inquiries in close coordination with project purchasing
  • ƒƒCompilation of all documentation required for the submission of quotations / bids

Your scope of responsibilities as a project buyer for build-out projects

  • ƒƒDevelopment and maintenance of the supplier and sub-contractor roster
  • ƒƒSubmission of pricing inquiries during the bidding and order phase
  • ƒƒQuotation analysis, compilation of pricing overviews
  • ƒƒCompilation of proposed project assignments
  • ƒƒConducting of purchase and contract negotiations plus documentation
  • ƒƒPlacement of orders and assignments
  • ƒƒAssumption of liaison role between costing and project management

Design Engineer Construction Planning

Drawing – it’s as easy as child’s play to you (and your favorite thing to do)

Ultimately, baierl + demmelhuber’s success is contingent upon the high level of construction competency in all core works that are part of the premium interior design world. This competency hinges on professional construction planning and first-rate engineering capabilities.

Your scope of responsibilities as a design engineer / construction planning

  • ƒƒDesign and structural implementation of store, furnishing and interior design concepts as well as all related build-outs
  • Turn-key ready construction of ceilings, flooring and walls
  • ƒƒWorks technology expertise-based interior design (acoustics, fire prevention)
  • ƒƒCompilation of construction and installation drawings
  • ƒƒProvision of quotation, purchasing and project assignment support

Interior Design Specialists

Hands-on work is your calling

You are part of the indispensible and largest group among the B+D team – the people who actually build B+D’s amazing projects. You are one of the members of our skilled trades teams who are the very best at what they do. You love to create buildings and structures with your hands – using wood, metal, glass, plaster, paint and countless other materials. You literally immerse yourself into the world of premium interior design works. Does this describe the work you are passionate about? To begin your B+D KarriereRaum adventure, you will need to have completed a skilled trades apprenticeship and you will have to be passionate about the materials you work with and we expect you to be fully committed to your profession. Thanks to your excellent spatial perception and your solution-driven, self-accountable way of approaching work, you are an extraordinarily efficient task master.

Your options as an interior design specialist

  • ƒƒCarpenter: You will be assigned to our woodworking shop, which boasts state-of-the-art machines and uses the very latest production technologies to manufacture exclusive furnishings.
  • ƒƒMetalworker: Regardless of the type of metals you work with, you will handle your assignments autonomously and with great attention to detail.
  • ƒƒSurface technician (painters + varnish techs): Paint, topcoats, rendering techniques – you have a passion for perfect surfaces and are ready to travel when the need arises.
  • Interior build-out /dry wall installer: At B+D, you will be in charge for the room creating build-out of Europe’s most interesting construction projects.

Installation / Construction Manager

On your construction site you have everything under control.


Your scope of responsibilities as an installation and/or construction manager

  • ƒƒIn coordination with our project managers, you will be self-accountably in charge of the operations management of our installation and build-out projects.
  • ƒƒOn site project implementation, management and control (including scheduling, documentation)
  • ƒƒInstallation team management, motivation and assignment schedules; teams will be comprised of in-house and third party employees
  • ƒƒFurther development of the installation processes and the pan-European installation requirements

Central Support Departments



B+D’s in-house service providers

Beyond the project management work, which is B+D’s core business, we have an efficient team of individuals who provide optimum support to our project teams. These staff members approach their work as solution-oriented service providers and flexible experts. As self-accountable teams thriving on new ideas, they continuously work towards the optimization and further development of our support processes.

Your options

  • Controlling, finance department: Keeping the numbers in check at all times – that’s the commitment in this field. After all, our healthy financial state is the foundation for our cost effective performance.
  • ƒƒHuman resources, corporate organization: The scope of responsibilities in these disciplines is as vast as well as diverse as it focuses on staffing issues, teamwork and process management.
  • ƒƒMarketing: Make good things happen and talk about it. The focus is on communication – to company insiders and outsiders – in a creative yet structured manner.
  • ƒƒEDP management: Whether you are specializing in hardware or software – the need for smooth processes and procedures that are kept up-to-date at all times will make your position indispensible.

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You share our passion for perfect interior fit-out and see yourself in one of the above careers?

ID Element

baierl + demmelhuber convinces with an outstanding working atmosphere – not only within the team, but also across departments, togetherness is highly valued. In my job as a technical product designer, I love the many possibilities for designing and constructing components. I'm always amazed by the large, extensive range of tasks that are part of project management in interior design.

Carolin, Technical product designer

I very much appreciate the trust that B+D places in me to develop my own strategies and solutions for projects independently and on my own responsibility. In our global retail projects, I am often faced with exciting and major challenges that my team and I tackle and master together.

Thomas, Team Leader Rollout SiS

You grow every day with new challenges and gain new experiences. I have learned all of this over the last few years at B+D and it has played a big part in who I am today.

Kathrin, Team- and project assistant

Our B+D Value Quintet

Dependable + professional + experienced + loyal + eager to learn

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The vocational and career opportunities baierl + demmelhuber offers are diverse and can be configured to your individual expectations. We call our human resource and training department the “KarriereRaum” – a place where every employee can design his or her career based on the staff member’s own wishes and skills. Each team member decides how intensively he or she wants to participate in what B+D has to offer. You have complete control over the level of commitment and dedication to advanced training as well as the speed at which you climb the career ladder. Every B+D employee receives maximum support from us in these endeavors.

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