Anyone can do it simply. We simply make it something special.

Drywall construction is a discipline that makes a particularly striking impact on the total aesthetic of any room. The challenge to pay special attention to here is also the one we love to take on – and do so with more than 100 of our own drywall specialists.

Of course, we are also ready to take over all the project direction and management. That's how we make sure the result is simply as special as your requirements.


Dry Lining

Professional use of all conventional dry lining systems for floors, ceilings and walls
Experienced + competent project teams with hands-on mentality
Detailed solutions for connections and wall constructions
Custom-made constructions + project-specific solutions
Extensively reduced installation times due to prefabricated plasterboard foldings
Profound expert knowledge in fire protection and acoustics
Top level technical + handcraft competence through our own installation staff as well as responsible and efficient subcontractors

B+D Dry Lining

Perfect + good value for money

Dry Lining Projects

Das Restaurant Root im HTA Berlin
Telegraphenamt Berlin
Sitzgelegenheiten in Ausstellungsfläche, Service-Theke mit Adidas Logo im Hintergrund
adidas HALO
Global Project Management
Zimmer in der Villa Strandschloss in Ahlbeck
Villa Strandschloss
Eingangsbereich des VerifyMED in Frankfurt
VerifyMED Junghofplaza
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Eleganter Speisesaal im Ostseehotel in Ahlbeck
Lufthansa Lounge FRA, links Sitzmuscheln, rechts Regale, im Hintergrund weitere Sitzgelegenheiten, rechts Fensterfront zum Rollfeld
Lufthansa Bistro Lounge Airport, Frankfurt
Global Project Management
Offene Fläche mit Sitzmöglichkeiten für Präsentationen und Besprechungen
Network operator natural gas
Büroausbau mit farbenfrohen Trennwänden und Decken, inkl. Raum in Raum Systemen sowie Designmöbel passend zum Raumambiente
Ritter Sport Office
Dry Lining
Ein Blick in die ÖVA Passage Mannheim
ÖVA Passage
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Innenansicht mit Blick auf eine Treppe in der TUM Garching
TUM Garching
Dry Lining