We're not just "a pretty face".

Surface design is becoming an ever more important part of interior remodels. Our team for painting and surfacing has been trained in a wide variety of different specialty areas and ready to get to work for you at any time.

We trowel, prime or just design for you any surface using a huge range of different coating systems. And none of our surfaces are just pretty faces!


Surface Technology

Coating systems for internal and external areas
Acoustic plaster
Individual surface designs: Liquid metal coatings, wallpapering, spatula techniques
Lettering + orientation systems
Technical + handcraft competence on top level
Carried out by specialised and trained staff
Apprenticing company for painters + varnishers

B+D Surface Technology

Material + technology-focused

Surface Technology Projects

Garden Tower Lobby
Complete Interior Fit-Out
ecos office
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Ipsen - Bavaria Tower
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Nextower // Schüco
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Fifty Avon Foyer
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Motel One Munich-Haidhausen
Internationally acting law firm
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Calvin Klein Lifestyle
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Wackerstrasse / Marktlerstrasse
Complete Interior Fit-Out
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