Certainly no leap in the dark: our storage and our own logistics service.

Logistics play a huge role nowadays. A well-working logistics service is essential for successful project management.

So best to do it ourselves, and do so with our own Logistics Centre in Töging, southwest Germany, with a matching transport fleet allowing us to supply our projects just-in-time Europe-wide.

At our headquarters, we also take care of the "temporary" storage of materials and furnishings, and remain a reliable logistics partner for our clients at all times, not only during the project but afterwards as well.

Storage + Logistics

Experts for professional logistic workflows + logistic management systems
Modern logistics centre with own fleet of vehicles: truck with 15 m crane, Manitou telehandler with lifting height up to 18 m, 5 transporters, 45 trailers + 95 vehicles for installation teams
At headquarters storage are of more than 2,000 sqm
Construction site delivery with own low-loader
Construction site set up
Machine account with more than 2,000 daily available items
Packaging, dispatch management + transport solutions for worldwide shipments
Short response time + solution expertise

Storage + Logistics

Fast + direct at work

Logistics Projects

Ein Blick in die ÖVA Passage Mannheim
ÖVA Passage
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Sitzgelegenheiten in Ausstellungsfläche, Service-Theke mit Adidas Logo im Hintergrund
adidas HALO
Global Project Management
Büroausbau mit farbenfrohen Trennwänden und Decken, inkl. Raum in Raum Systemen sowie Designmöbel passend zum Raumambiente
Ritter Sport Office
Dry Lining
Heller Arbeitsbereich mit dem Logo der Firma Linklaters
Linklaters Munich
Lufthansa Lounge FRA, links Sitzmuscheln, rechts Regale, im Hintergrund weitere Sitzgelegenheiten, rechts Fensterfront zum Rollfeld
Lufthansa Bistro Lounge Airport, Frankfurt
Global Project Management
Eindrucksvolles Stahltreppenhaus mit offenen Etagen
International healthcare company
Innenansicht mit Blick auf eine Treppe in der TUM Garching
TUM Garching
Dry Lining
Victorinox Store in Brunnen Ausstellungsfläche im EG, marmorierter Steinboden, verschiedene Displaymöbel, Wandbeschriftung in großen roten Lettern: The makers of the original swiss army knife
Victorinox Brand Store
Bucherer Store im KaDeWe Berlin, Blick auf den Store von außen, Bucherer in Leuchtschrift über Eingang
Bucherer 1888 KaDeWe
Büroräume Bosch Abstatt, Kaffeeküche, Sitzmöglichkeiten, Rennauto, Fensterfront und Treppe ins zweite Stockwerk
Bosch Engineering