Certainly no leap in the dark: our storage and our own logistics service.

Logistics play a huge role nowadays. A well-working logistics service is essential for successful project management.

So best to do it ourselves, and do so with our own Logistics Centre in Töging, southwest Germany, with a matching transport fleet allowing us to supply our projects just-in-time Europe-wide.

At our headquarters, we also take care of the "temporary" storage of materials and furnishings, and remain a reliable logistics partner for our clients at all times, not only during the project but afterwards as well.

Storage + Logistics

Experts for professional logistic workflows + logistic management systems
Modern logistics centre with own fleet of vehicles: truck with 15 m crane, Manitou telehandler with lifting height up to 18 m, 5 transporters, 45 trailers + 95 vehicles for installation teams
At headquarters storage are of more than 2,000 sqm
Construction site delivery with own low-loader
Construction site set up
Machine account with more than 2,000 daily available items
Packaging, dispatch management + transport solutions for worldwide shipments
Short response time + solution expertise

Storage + Logistics

Fast + direct at work

Logistics Projects

Sitzgelegenheiten in Ausstellungsfläche, Service-Theke mit Adidas Logo im Hintergrund
adidas HALO
Global Project Management
Offene Fläche mit Sitzmöglichkeiten für Präsentationen und Besprechungen
Network operator natural gas
Pausenraum mit einem Schallschutzplatz
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Kleines Besprechungszimmer in Büroumgebung
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Bett in Hotelzimmer mit Bergblick
Hotel DAS TEGERNSEE Haus Wallberg
Bar mit Holzverkleidung, matt-schwarze Barhocker und Tresenelemente
Pharma Company
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Bar Central
h&z Unternehmensberatung
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