Fill Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Architekturbüro DI Andreas Matulik
Gurten / AT
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Modern workplaces and “Future Dome” at the mechanical- and plant engineering company Fill, Gurten - Project of the B+D divisions Dry Lining and Interior Manufactory

Founded in 1966, Fill is one of the worldwide leading mechanical- and plant engineers. To the 50-year anniversary the company inaugurates a new office complex with latest workplaces and the event-centre “Future Dome”.

B+D worked with a hundred-percent-quality during the very valuable drywall works. These covered including the installation of metal- and cooling ceilings, light- and ceiling sails as well as elaborate lighting coves the complete interior fittings in the sectors wall and ceiling. A real highlight is the 120-square-metres-large luminous ceiling in the “Future Dome” auditorium. This ceiling consists of single, with diffuser foil covered light sails which were independently suspended on a wide span bearer construction below dense housing technology with millimetre-precision according to the specification of the architect.

The B+D Wood Workshop realized the fittings in the reception area. With a length of 38 metres, lacquered oak-casings paired with upholstered and textile-covered elements create a harmonious connection between the existing building and the new construction. Therein, a spectacular reception desk, the Fill Shop and a service area for guests are integrated. The special challenge hereby was the measurement. The entire area was built up in the B+D Wood Workshop on a one-for-one basis including the recesses for pillars, splitters and building parting lines to tailor the oak-claddings. Afterwards, it was dismantled and set up on-site on perfect measure. During peak times, the entire team of the Wood Workshop was involved in the project.

Photos: ©
Oliver Hallwirth
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